Histograms in heavy-quark QCD at finite temperature and density

  title={Histograms in heavy-quark QCD at finite temperature and density},
  author={H. Saito and S. Ejiri and S. Aoki and K. Kanaya and Y. Nakagawa and H. Ohno and K. Okuno and T. Umeda},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the phase structure of lattice QCD with heavy quarks at finite temperature and density by a histogram method. We determine the location of the critical point at which the first-order deconfining transition in the heavy-quark limit turns into a crossover at intermediate quark masses through a change of the shape of the histogram under variation of coupling parameters. We estimate the effect of the complex phase factor which causes the sign problem at finite density, and show that, in… Expand
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