Histocompatibility matching in poor prognosis combined procedure keratoplasty.


To determine the effect of histocompatibility matching and mismatching at the rabbit leukocyte-locus A (RL-A locus) on graft survival in rabbits, we created a model to enhance graft failure. Rabbit corneas received alkali burns with consequent vascularization of the graft bed. Each rabbit underwent large (10-mm) penetrating keratoplasty and simultaneous… (More)


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@article{Bennett1977HistocompatibilityMI, title={Histocompatibility matching in poor prognosis combined procedure keratoplasty.}, author={Thomas O. Bennett and Gholam A. Peyman}, journal={Ophthalmic surgery}, year={1977}, volume={8 2}, pages={42-8} }