Histochemical changes in the digestive gland of Lymnaea truncatula infected with Fasciola hepatica

  title={Histochemical changes in the digestive gland of Lymnaea truncatula infected with Fasciola hepatica},
  author={Michael N. Moore and David W. Halton},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Parasitenkunde},
Histochemical studies of the digestive gland of Lymnaea truncatula have revealed features of the normal digestive processes in which at least 3 cell types are involved: digestive cells, mucus cells and basiphil cells. An intracellular vacuolar digestive system containing lysosomal enzymes appears to operate in the digestive cells. Parasitization by Fasciola hepatica evokes considerable structural and histochemical changes in the host digestive gland. There is, in general, increased cellular… CONTINUE READING

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