Histochemical changes in the Leydig cells of rats drinking the aqueous hollyhock extract.


The effect of aqueous hollyhock flower (Althaea rosea Cav. var. nigra) extract on the rat Leydig cell metabolism and morphology was studied using histochemical, morphometric and radioimmunological methods. The rats were drinking the extract for 30 days (group A1) and for 180 days (group A2). Leydig cells of group A1 manifested marked increase in the 3beta-HSD, G6PD and NADPD activities and in the Khanolkar reaction intensity. These findings were accompanied by the increase in the volume of Leydig cells and their nuclei. In group A2 Leydig cells, statistically insignificant changes in the G6PD and NADPD activities were observed, however, the significant increase in the 3beta-HSD activity and the Khanolkar reaction intensity indicated compensatory changes. The statistically significant elevation of the androgen level accompanied by a decrease in estrogen content in homogenates of group A2 testes pointed to weak antiestrogenic effect of the extract. The obtained results indicate an influence of the hollyhock extract on steroid metabolism.

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