Histo-pathological study of a glass-ionomer/resin (Geristore) restoration system.

  title={Histo-pathological study of a glass-ionomer/resin (Geristore) restoration system.},
  author={Yuichi Nakazawa and Kazuhiro Mitsui and Yoshito Hirai and Kazuto Takahashi and Tatsuya Ishikawa},
  journal={The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College},
  volume={35 4},
The purpose of this experiment was to investigate histo-pathologically the pulpal reaction to a glass-ionomer/resin (Geristore) restoration system in human teeth. Black's class I cavities were prepared in 22 human teeth; these were divided into 2 groups, one with the Geristore after cavity was cleaned with 10% NaOCl solution and 3% H2O2 solution (Group G) and the other with the Geristore after the cavity was applied with Mirage-Bond (Group MG). The treated teeth were observed clinically over 90… CONTINUE READING