Histo-clinical classification and follow-up study of gastric polyp.

  title={Histo-clinical classification and follow-up study of gastric polyp.},
  author={Keiichi Ueno and Susumu Oshiba and Shunsuke Kawasaki Yamagata and Fukuji Mochizuki and Masamichi Kitagawa},
  journal={The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine},
  volume={118 Suppl},
Gastric polyp was found in 1,616 cases or 0.23% of 711,455 persons through the gastric mass-survey. They were classified into 3 groups: hyperplastic polyp in 61%, gastric polyposa in 34%, and polyp composed of metaplastic epithelium with marked atypism (ATP) in 5%. Gastritis polyposa was subclassified into 5 groups according to its histo-clinical features. Malignant degeneration was suspected in 5 or 2.1% of 236 hyperplastic polyps operated, while no polyp which had changed into cancer was… CONTINUE READING