Histamine-Receptor Antagonists Slow 10-km Cycling Performance in Competitive Cyclists.

  title={Histamine-Receptor Antagonists Slow 10-km Cycling Performance in Competitive Cyclists.},
  author={Matthew R. Ely and Dylan C. Sieck and Joshua E. Mangum and Emily Anne Larson and Leandro Campos de Brito and Christopher T Minson and John R Halliwill},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={51 7},
Histamine is released within skeletal muscle during exercise. In humans, antihistamines have no effect on speed, power output, or time-to-completion of short-duration high-intensity exercise. In mice, blocking histamine's actions decreases speed and duration of endurance tasks. It is unknown if these opposing outcomes are the result of differences in histamine's actions between species or are related to duration and/or intensity of exercise, as blocking histamine during endurance exercise has… CONTINUE READING
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