Hispidacine, an unusual 8,4'-oxyneolignan-alkaloid with vasorelaxant activity, and hispiloscine, an antiproliferative phenanthroindolizidine alkaloid, from Ficus hispida Linn.

  title={Hispidacine, an unusual 8,4'-oxyneolignan-alkaloid with vasorelaxant activity, and hispiloscine, an antiproliferative phenanthroindolizidine alkaloid, from Ficus hispida Linn.},
  author={Veronica Alicia Yap and B. J. Loong and Kang Nee Ting and Sandy Hwei San Loh and Kien-Thai Yong and Yun-Yee Low and Toh-Seok Kam and Kuan-Hon Lim},

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Schwarzinicines A-G, 1,4-Diarylbutanoid-Phenethylamine Conjugates from the Leaves of Ficus schwarzii.

These compounds, representing the first examples of 1,4-diarylbutanoid-phenethylamine conjugates, were isolated from the leaves of Ficus schwarzii by detailed analysis of their MS, 1D and 2D NMR data.

Alstoscholactine and Alstolaxepine, Monoterpenoid Indole Alkaloids with γ-Lactone-Bridged Cycloheptane and Oxepane Moieties from Alstonia scholaris.

Two new monoterpenoid indole alkaloids, alstoscholactine and alstolaxepine, were isolated from Alstonia scholaris and represent a rearranged stemmadenine alkaloid with an unprecedented C-6-C-19 connectivity and a 6,7- seco-angustilobine B-type alkaloidal incorporating a rare γ-lactone-bridged oxepane ring system.

Alkaloid Constituents of Ficus hispida and Their Antiinflammatory Activity

Four new alkaloid compounds, ficuhismines A–D (1–4), together with three known ones, were isolated from Ficus hispida and represent the first amine alkaloids with a rhamnosyl moiety or with a N-oxide motif from the genus Ficus.

Concise synthesis of the vasorelaxant alkaloids schwarzinicines A and B

Synthetic (-)-1, (+)-1 and (±)-1 exhibited comparable vasorelaxation as natural schwarzinicine A on rat isolated aortic rings, suggesting that the observed vasore laxant effects were not influenced by the chirality at C-2.

A Bis-benzopyrroloisoquinoline Alkaloid Incorporating a Cyclobutane Core and a Chlorophenanthroindolizidine Alkaloid with Cytotoxic Activity from Ficus fistulosa var. tengerensis.

Compound 1 is notable in being a rare unsymmetrical cyclobutane adduct and is the first example of a dimeric benzopyrroloisoquinoline alkaloid, while compound 2 represents the first naturally occurring halogenated phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids.

Synthesis and Antitumor Activity Evaluation of New Phenanthrene-Based Tylophorine Derivatives

A series of new phenanthrene-based tylophorine derivatives (PBTs) were synthesized in good yield and their structures were characterized by 1H-NMR spectroscopy and ESI MS, and the structure-activity relationship of these compounds was discussed based on the results of their antitumor activity.

New Alkaloids and α‐Glucosidase Inhibitory Flavonoids from Ficus hispida

Two new pyrrolidine alkaloids, ficushispimines A and B, and a new ω‐(dimethylamino)caprophenone alkaloid,ficushisimine C, together with the known alkaloidal 5 and 11 known isoprenylated flavonoids 6 – 16, were isolated from the twigs of Ficus hispida by spectroscopic methods.



Constituents of the leaves and twigs of Ficus hispida.

A new norisoprenoid, ficustriol, and the known phenanthroindolizidine alkaloid O-methyltylophorinidine, isolated from a CHCl3 extract of the leaves and twigs of Ficus hispida showed potent cytotoxic activity when tested against a small panel of human cancer cells.

Left, right, or both? On the configuration of the phenanthroindolizidine alkaloid tylophorine from Tylophora indica.

The hypothesis of Govindachari and Nagarajan that natural levorotatory tylophorine is indeed a nearly racemic mixture with a slight excess of the R-enantiomer is confirmed.

Glycosides from the root of Iodes cirrhosa.

In the in vitro assays, compound 4 and liriodendrin both showed activity against glutamate-induced PC12 cell damage at 10 (-5) M M, and the validity of J 7,8 and Deltadelta C8-C7 values to distinguish threo and erythro derivatives was discussed.

Isolation and biological activities of phenanthroindolizidine and septicine alkaloids from the Formosan Tylophora ovata.

These eleven alkaloids show in vitro anti-inflammatory activities with IC₅₀ values ranging from 84 nM to 20.6 μM and were found to exhibit potent in vivo anti- inflammation activities in a rat paw edema model.

Cytotoxic activity of some phenanthroindolizidine N-oxide alkaloids from Cynanchum vincetoxicum.

Two previously known phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids and a novel alkaloid were isolated from aerial parts of Cynanchum vincetoxicum, demonstrating that these compounds are poor substrates for the P-glycoprotein (P-170) efflux pump.

Further investigation of phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids from Tylophora tanakae.

Two alkaloid N-oxides are isolated from Tylophora tanakae MAXIM and the structures of the four products were determined, and the relation between the structure and cytotoxic activity of this group of alkaloids is discussed.

Isolation and biological activities of 3-hydroxy-4(1H)-pyridone

This study is the first to report on the herbicidal, antifungal, and antioxidant activities of 3,4-DHP.

Protective effect of leaf extract of Ficus hispida Linn. against paracetamol‐induced hepatotoxicity in rats

The methanol extract of the leaves of Ficus hispida Linn exhibited a significant protective effect by lowering the serum levels of transaminase, bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase, and these biochemical observations were supplemented by histopathological examination of liver sections.

Evaluation of Nephroprotective Activity of Fruits of Ficus hispida on Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity

In the investigation methanolic extract showed significant nephroprotective activity than nephrocuration on cispaltin induced nephrotoxicity.