Hippocampal plasticity during the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

  title={Hippocampal plasticity during the progression of Alzheimer's disease.},
  author={Elliott J. Mufson and Laura J Mahady and D G Waters and Scott Counts and Sylvia E. Perez and Steven DeKosky and Stephen D Ginsberg and Milos D. Ikonomovic and Stephen William Scheff and Lester I. Binder},
Neuroplasticity involves molecular and structural changes in central nervous system (CNS) throughout life. The concept of neural organization allows for remodeling as a compensatory mechanism to the early pathobiology of Alzheimer's disease (AD) in an attempt to maintain brain function and cognition during the onset of dementia. The hippocampus, a crucial component of the medial temporal lobe memory circuit, is affected early in AD and displays synaptic and intraneuronal molecular remodeling… CONTINUE READING