Hippocampal localization of 5'-nucleotidase as revealed by immunocytochemistry.

  title={Hippocampal localization of 5'-nucleotidase as revealed by immunocytochemistry.},
  author={Herbert Zimmermann and Martin Vogel and Ulrike Laube},
  volume={55 1},
The distribution of binding sites for an antibody against ecto-5'-nucleotidase was investigated in the mouse hippocampus by light microscopical immunocytochemistry. The antibody selectively labels a band corresponding to the innervation area of mossy fibre terminals within area CA3. Area CA1 as well as the dendate gyrus are negative. In area CA3 only the proximal but not the distal parts of the apical dendrites of pyramidal cells are labelled. Labelling is in the form of large dots around… CONTINUE READING
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