HiperLAN 2 : Broadband Wireless


Solutions for high data rates and local coverage have been developed over a couple of years in the area of wireless local area networking. Quality of service, security, mobility, and high throughput are key components that drive the standards for broadband wireless multimedia communications presently being developed in Europe as well as in the United States and Japan for the 5 GHz band. These technologies are well suited to complement third-generation cellular networks. HiperLAN type 2 (HiperLAN2) is one of these systems, which is being specified by the ETSI project BRAN. The core parts of the specification were finalized at the end of 1999. Almost total harmonization has been achieved between the standardization bodies in Europe and Japan (ETSI and ARIB, respectively). HiperLAN2 will provide data rates up to 54 Mb/s, and is intended for local communications in indoor and outdoor environments. In this article, an overview of the HiperLAN2 standard is presented together with exemplary link and system performance results.

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