Hip joint instability in breech pregnancy.

  title={Hip joint instability in breech pregnancy.},
  author={M Luterkort and P H Persson and Staffan Polberger and Ingrid Bjerre},
  journal={Acta paediatrica Scandinavica},
  volume={75 5},
222 consecutive fetuses found by ultrasound to be in breech presentation in the 33rd gestational week were followed with repeated examinations in weeks 35 and 38. Ninety-one of these fetuses persisted in breech presentation until delivery, while cephalic version occurred in 131. The frequency of hip joint instability was 21% in the breech delivered group and 1.5% in the vertex delivered group. The position of the fetal legs was established at each ultrasound examination. The intrauterine fetal… CONTINUE READING