Hip-Hop, Digital Media, and the Changing Face of Music Education

  title={Hip-Hop, Digital Media, and the Changing Face of Music Education},
  author={Matthew D. Thibeault},
  journal={General Music Today},
  pages={46 - 49}
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From compliance to creative rights in music education: rethinking intellectual property in the age of new media
This article examines one possible approach to teaching music in higher education with regards to creative rights and copyright. The author shares theoretical ideas underlying changes in content,
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A content analysis of YouTube videos highlighted the importance of YouTube as a repository of hip hop beat production instructional material and an important distinction between hip hop musical practices and the ‘listen and copy’ approach identified in other vernacular music research.
“Deeper than Rap”: Cultivating racial identity and critical voices through Hip-hop recording practices in the music classroom
  • Jabari Evans
  • Sociology
    Journal of Media Literacy Education
  • 2019
Using a pilot program in one Chicago elementary school as a case study, this article reports findings of an ethnographic investigation on the impact of Hiphop based music education at the elementary
Flipping the Misogynist Script: Gender, Agency, Hip Hop and Music Education.
Excluding Hip Hop culture and rap music from music education misses opportunities for addressing key aspects of popular culture, society, and students’ lives. This article addresses intersections of
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This article is an ethnographic study of a hip hop-based music education programme for students within elementary school classrooms. Drawing on two years of fieldwork in two urban schools, this case
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Music education scholarship in the areas of popular, vernacular, and participatory musicianship has grown in the past decades; however, music education research concerned specifically with hip-hop
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This article explores a model for school counselors to capitalize on the therapeutic, empowerment-oriented nature of hip-hop practices to engage in youth participatory action research (YPAR). Drawing
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This article explores a model for school counselors to capitalize on the therapeutic, empowerment-oriented nature of hip-hop practices to engage in youth participatory action research (YPAR). Drawing
Being Hip-Hop
In this article, I offer four principles relevant to hip-hop cultures (keep it real, flip the script, make some noise, and stay fresh) and explore how these principles might affect music classrooms.
Practical approaches to including popular music in the secondary ensemble
This article offers guidelines to secondary music ensemble directors who are interested in incorporating informal approaches common to popular music making within their ensemble. The approaches


The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
One of the most important works of cultural theory ever written, Walter Benjamin's groundbreaking essay explores how the age of mass media means audiences can listen to or see a work of art
The language of new media
"In this book Lev Manovich offers the first systematic and rigorous theory of new media. He places new media within the histories of visual and media cultures of the last few centuries. He discusses
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Hip-hop is now a global multi-billion pound industry. It has spawned superstars all across the world. There have been tie-in clothing lines, TV stations, film companies, cosmetics lines. It even has
You Know My Steez: An Ethnographic and Sociolinguistic Study of Styleshifting in a Black American Speech Community
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Introduction Part One: Cultures (Cultures of Our Past Culture of Our Future RO, Extended RW, Revived Cultures Compared) Part Two: Economies (Two Economies: Commercial and Sharing Hybrid Economies
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The Audible Past explores the cultural origins of sound reproduction. It describes a distinctive sound culture that gave birth to the sound recording and the transmission devices so ubiquitous in
Roc the Mic Right: The Language of Hip Hop Culture
Foreword Geneva Smitherman Chapter One 'The streetz iz a mutha': The street and the formation of a Hip Hop Linguistics Chapter Two Verbal mujahidin in the transglobal Hip Hop umma: Islam, discursive