Hint Orchestration Using ACL2's Simplifier

  title={Hint Orchestration Using ACL2's Simplifier},
  author={Sol Swords},
  • S. Swords
  • Published in ACL2 10 October 2018
  • Linguistics
This paper describes a strategy for providing hints during an ACL2 proof, implemented in a utility called use-termhint. An extra literal is added to the goal clause and simplified along with the rest of the goal until it is stable under simplification, after which the simplified literal is examined and a hint extracted from it. This simple technique supports some commonly desirable yet elusive features. It supports providing different hints to different cases of a case split, as well as binding… 



obvious way, applications of nice rules. In such cases, use-termhint provides a robust, convenient, idiomatic method of structuring a proof at a high level and providing the needed hints

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