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Hindutva: Exploring the Idea of Hindu Nationalism

  title={Hindutva: Exploring the Idea of Hindu Nationalism},
  author={Jyotirmaya Sharma},
'A clear and concise exploration of the writings of Dayanand Saraswati, Aurobindo, Vivekananda and Savarkar...Sharma cogently traces the virulence of present-day Hindutva politics to the feverish exhortations of the four figures who constructed Hinduism as the mother superior of all other, "lesser" religions' - "Outlook". 'Jyotirmaya Sharma's book, perhaps for the first time, presents a detailed descriptive and historical account of both the idea of Hindutva and its historical developments. It… 

A Leap of Faith: The Construction of Hindu Majoritarianism Through Secular Law

This article describes the competing models of secularism that have been debated and contested in post-colonial India. I focus on the constitutional legal discourse and judicial pronouncements on the

Universal self, equality and hierarchy in Swami Vivekananda

In the context of analysing the relation between the master and the disciple, Ramakrishna Pramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda, the article brings together different unconnected writings for a systematic

"When the saints go marching in" : sadhus in democratic politics in late 20th century India

This empirical study examines the political significance of religious leaders-known commonly as sadhus-in a huge and mature democracy like India. During the late '80s and the '90s, a flurry of sadhu

Comment: India's Development Projects, or Hinduism, a Love Story ∗

Martin J. Haigh's India Abroad is ill-informed and misleading in multiple ways. It presents a romanticized view of ‘Indian’ culture and, what the author calls, Hindu or Hinduism. The article

The Hindu Nationalist Agenda on Kashmir

What is the Hindu Nationalist agenda on the Kashmir Valley? Kashmir is one of the most contentious territories in the world. Both Pakistan and India lay claim to it which has made the region a

Representations of migrant and nation in selected works of Rohinton Mistry and Salman Rushdie

This thesis explores the representations of, and the relationship between. the migrant and the nation in selected works of the Bombay-born novelists Rohinton Mistry and Salman Rushdie. I explore each

Ramana Maharshi and the Colonial Encounter

Recent scholarship on Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) follows the romanticism of hagiographical literature, presenting him as a purely spiritual and timeless figure, thus ignoring the political contours

Hindutva Past and Present: From Secular Democracy to Hindu Rashtra

This essay outlines the beginnings of Hindutva, a political movement aimed at establishing rule by the Hindu majority. It describes the origin myths of Aryan supremacy that Hindutva has developed,

Catholic shrines in Chennai, India: the politics of renewal and apostolic legacy

This thesis investigates the phenomenon of Catholic renewal in India by focussing on various Roman Catholic churches and shrines located in Chennai, a large city in South India where activities

Rethinking Sikh Nationalism in the Twenty-First Century

This article seeks to draw attention to some of the core issues which beset the study of Sikh nationalism as a coherent phenomenon in an increasingly globalized and socially fragmented world. First,