Hill agroforestry systems in south Sikkim, India

  title={Hill agroforestry systems in south Sikkim, India},
  author={R. C. Sundriyal and Suresh Chand Rai and Esha Sharma and Yam K. Rai},
  journal={Agroforestry Systems},
In the Mamlay watershed of south Sikkim, India, about 80% of the population depend on land for their livelihood. The agricultural land-use activity includes agroforestry, horticulture and animal husbandry besides growing crops in irrigated or unirrigated fields. Trees are maintained in the farms mainly for fodder and rarely for fuel purposes. Cropping system is characterised by cultivation of cereals and cash crops to ensure supply of food grains and returns for daily needs. This paper presents… CONTINUE READING