Hikayat Panglima Nikosa and the Sarawak Gazette: Transforming Texts in Nineteenth Century Sarawak

  title={Hikayat Panglima Nikosa and the Sarawak Gazette: Transforming Texts in Nineteenth Century Sarawak},
  author={J. H. Walker},
  journal={Modern Asian Studies},
  pages={427 - 460}
  • J. H. Walker
  • Published 13 April 2005
  • Linguistics, History
  • Modern Asian Studies
Hikayat Panglima Nikosa (HPN) is one of northwest Borneo's earliest available texts. First published in 1876, its importance is enhanced by the relative paucity of other written material and still limited progress in the collection and transcription of the region's rich corpus of oral literature. Although written material survives from the Lingga River area, the Oya and Limbang districts, as well as from the courts of Brunei and Pontianak, the HPN is the earliest known Malay document from the… 

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    Abang Mat Kassim had attended the meeting of the Supreme Council in February 1872, at which the Rajah had urged the Malays to establish a school

      As was that of 1875

        See Brooke's journal, in Henry Keppel, A Visit to the Indian Archipelago in HMS Meander, with Portions of the Private Journal of Sir

          Ranee Margaret of Sarawak, My Life in Sarawak

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            • Sarawak Museum Journal, XXXII

            For James Brooke's enactment of the pedagogical role of rulers see Walker

              Press, 1997), provides a comprehensive analysis of economic, including agricultural, policies