Highly tunable elastic dielectric metasurface lenses

  title={Highly tunable elastic dielectric metasurface lenses},
  author={Seyedeh Mahsa Kamali and Ehsan Arbabi and Amir Arbabi and Yu Horie and Andrei Faraon},
  journal={Laser \& Photonics Reviews},
Dielectric metasurfaces are two‐dimensional structures composed of nano‐scatterers that manipulate the phase and polarization of optical waves with subwavelength spatial resolution, thus enabling ultra‐thin components for free‐space optics. While high performance devices with various functionalities, including some that are difficult to achieve using conventional optical setups have been shown, most demonstrated components have fixed parameters. Here, we demonstrate highly tunable dielectric… 

Large Area Electrically Tunable Lenses Based on Metasurfaces and Dielectric Elastomer Actuators

Tunable optical devices, in particular, varifocal lenses, have important applications in various fields, including imaging and adaptive vision. Recent advances in metasurfaces, which control the

MEMS-tunable dielectric metasurface lens

MEMS-based tunable metasurface doublets are demonstrated, based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), with more than 60 diopters change in the optical power upon a 1-micron movement of a membrane with one of the metAsurface elements.

Ultrathin van der Waals Metalenses.

This work reports ultrathin dielectric metalenses made of van der Waals materials, leveraging their high refractive indices and the incomplete phase design approach to achieve device thicknesses down to ∼λ/10, operating at infrared and visible wavelengths.

Tunable All-dielectric Metasurfaces: Fundamentals and Applications

All-dielectric metasurfaces have received significant attention in the past years, and have been established as a platform for efficient manipulation of optical beams. Advances in the design and

Design of tunable silicon metasurfaces with cross-polarization transmittance over 80%

We designed highly efficient, mechanically tunable metasurfaces based on an array of crystalline silicon nanoposts on stretchable substrates. The metasurface can continuously tune the wavefront of

Reconfigurable all-dielectric metalens for diffraction-limited imaging

Optical metasurfaces, planar sub-wavelength nano-antenna arrays with the singular ability to sculpt wave front in almost arbitrary manners, are poised to become a powerful tool enabling compact and

Efficient visible light modulation based on electrically tunable all dielectric metasurfaces embedded in thin-layer nematic liquid crystals

The dynamic tuning observed in the transmission spectra can pave the way to dynamically tunable metasurface devices for efficient visible light modulation applications.

Rotationally tunable polarization-insensitive single and multifocal metasurface

Metasurfaces with superior capabilities to tailor wave fronts of light have become one of the most widely investigated optical elements. Incorporating tunable features into the metasurface design is

Tunable metasurfaces with liquid crystals

Intensive researches in the area of metasurfaces have provided a new insight to obtain flat and compact optical systems. In this letter, we numerically show that, highly efficient tunable beam

Resonant dielectric metasurfaces: active tuning and nonlinear effects

Resonant dielectric metasurfaces were extensively studied in the linear and static regime of operation, targeting mainly wavefront shaping, polarization control and spectral filtering applications.



Gate-Tunable Conducting Oxide Metasurfaces.

In principle, electrically gated phase and amplitude control allows for electrical addressability of individual metasurface elements and opens the path to applications in ultrathin optical components for imaging and sensing technologies, such as reconfigurable beam steering devices, dynamic holograms, tunable ultrathins, nanoprojectors, and nanoscale spatial light modulators.

Dielectric gradient metasurface optical elements

The experimental realization and operation of dielectric gradient metasurface optical elements capable of also achieving high efficiencies in transmission mode in the visible spectrum are described.

Electrically tunable metasurface perfect absorbers for ultrathin mid-infrared optical modulators.

It is shown that a widely tunable metasurface composed of optical antennas on graphene can be incorporated into a subwavelength-thick optical cavity to create an electrically tunable perfect absorber.

High‐transmission dielectric metasurface with 2π phase control at visible wavelengths

Recently, metasurfaces have received increasing attention due to their ability to locally manipulate the amplitude, phase and polarization of light with high spatial resolution. Transmissive

Mechanically Tunable Dielectric Resonator Metasurfaces at Visible Frequencies.

This article presents a mechanically tunable all-dielectric metasurface, composed of an array of dielectric resonators embedded in an elastomeric matrix, and experimentally demonstrated that the metAsurface exhibits remarkable resonance shifts.

High‐Efficiency Dielectric Huygens’ Surfaces

Optical metasurfaces have developed as a breakthrough concept for advanced wave‐front engineering enabled by subwavelength resonant nanostructures. However, reflection and/or absorption losses as

Functional and nonlinear optical metasurfaces

Optical metasurfaces are thin‐layer subwavelength‐patterned structures that interact strongly with light. Metasurfaces have become the subject of several rapidly growing areas of research, being a

Dielectric metasurfaces for complete control of phase and polarization with subwavelength spatial resolution and high transmission.

A metasurface platform based on high-contrast dielectric elliptical nanoposts that provides complete control of polarization and phase with subwavelength spatial resolution and an experimentally measured efficiency ranging from 72% to 97%, depending on the exact design.

High efficiency double-wavelength dielectric metasurface lenses with dichroic birefringent meta-atoms.

A double-wavelength metasurface based on polarization dependent dielectric meta-atoms that control the phases of two orthogonal polarizations independently is proposed and demonstrated.

Planar Photonics with Metasurfaces

Progress in the optics of metasurfaces is reviewed and promising applications for surface-confined planar photonics components are discussed and the studies of new, low-loss, tunable plasmonic materials—such as transparent conducting oxides and intermetallics—that can be used as building blocks for metAsurfaces will complement the exploration of smart designs and advanced switching capabilities.