Highly selective silicon oxide etching composition

  title={Highly selective silicon oxide etching composition},
  author={ズィーヴェルト,ヴォルフガング and ドッド,マイケル・エイ and マクファーランド,ジョン・エイ},
Containing product of at least one acidic fluoride source compound dissolved in a solvent consisting of at least one carboxylic acid, further from about (0.5) to about (3) solution weight percent hydrofluoric acid and about (1) to about (5) a silicon oxide etch solution comprising a solution% by weight of water, wherein the total concentration of the acidic fluoride source compound is about solvent per 1 kilogram (1.25) to about ( 5.0) the molar, the silicon oxide etch solution. Method of… CONTINUE READING