Highly selective agonists for substance P receptor subtypes.

  title={Highly selective agonists for substance P receptor subtypes.},
  author={Uri Wormser and Ralph Laufer and Yvonne Hart and Michael Chorev and Chaim Gilon and Zvi Selinger},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={5 11},
The existence of a third tachykinin receptor (SP-N) in the mammalian nervous system was demonstrated by development of highly selective agonists. Systematic N-methylation of individual peptide bonds in the C-terminal hexapeptide of substance P gave rise to agonists which specifically act on different receptor subtypes. The most selective analog of this series, succinyl-[Asp6,Me-Phe8]SP6-11, elicits half-maximal contraction of the guinea pig ileum through the neuronal SP-N receptor at a… CONTINUE READING

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