Highly pure single photon emission from spectrally uniform surface-curvature directed mesa top single quantum dot ordered array

  title={Highly pure single photon emission from spectrally uniform surface-curvature directed mesa top single quantum dot ordered array},
  author={Jiefei Zhang and Swarnabha Chattaraj and Siyuan Lu and Anupam Madhukar},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
Realizing ordered and spectrally uniform single photon source arrays integrable on-chip with light manipulating elements in scalable architecture lies at the core of building monolithic quantum optical circuits (QOCs). We demonstrate here a spatially-ordered 5 x 8 array of surface-curvature driven mesa-top GaAs(001)/InGaAs/GaAs single quantum dots (MTSQDs) that exhibit highly pure (~99% ) single photon emission as deduced from the measured g(2)(0) < 0.02 at 9.4K. Polarization-independent and… Expand

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