Highly polarized single-c-domain single-crystal Pb(Mn,Nb)O3-PZT thin films

  title={Highly polarized single-c-domain single-crystal Pb(Mn,Nb)O3-PZT thin films},
  author={Kiyotaka Wasa and Hideaki Adachi and Ken ichi Nishida and Takashi Yamamoto and Tomoaki Matsushima and I. Kanno and Hidetoshi Kotera},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control},
In-plane unstrained single-c-domain/single-crystal thin films of PZT-based ternary ferroelectric perovskite, xPb(Mn,Nb)O<sub>3</sub>-(1 - x)PZT, were grown on SrRuO<sub>3</sub>/Pt/MgO substrates using magnetron sputtering followed by quenching. The sputtered unstrained thin films exhibit unique ferroelectric properties: high coercive field, E<sub>c</sub> >; 180 kV/cm, large remanent polarization, P<sub>r</sub> = 100 μC/cm<sup>2</sup>, small relative dielectric constants, ε* = 100 to 150, high… CONTINUE READING
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