Highly k-t-space-accelerated phase-contrast MRI.

  title={Highly k-t-space-accelerated phase-contrast MRI.},
  author={Bernd Jung and Matthias Honal and Peter Ullmann and J{\"u}rgen Hennig and Michael Markl},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={60 5},
The purpose of this study was to combine a recently introduced spatiotemporal parallel imaging technique, PEAK-GRAPPA (parallel MRI with extended and averaged generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisition), with two-dimensional (2D) cine phase-contrast velocity mapping. Phase-contrast MRI was applied to measure the blood flow in the thoracic aorta and the myocardial motion of the left ventricle. To evaluate the performance of different reconstruction methods, fully acquired k-space… CONTINUE READING


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