Highly fluorescent, water-soluble, size-tunable gold quantum dots.

  title={Highly fluorescent, water-soluble, size-tunable gold quantum dots.},
  author={Jie Zheng and Caiwei Zhang and Robert M Dickson},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={93 7},
Highly fluorescent, water-soluble, few-atom Au quantum dots have been created that behave as multielectron artificial atoms with discrete, size-tunable electronic transitions throughout the visible and near IR. Correlation of nanodot sizes with emission energies fits the simple relation, EFermi/N1/3, predicted by the jellium model. Providing the "missing link" between atomic and nanoparticle behavior in noble metals, these emissive, water-soluble Au nanoclusters open new opportunities for… CONTINUE READING

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