Highly-excited CO emission in APM 08279 + 5255 at z = 3 . 9

  title={Highly-excited CO emission in APM 08279 + 5255 at z = 3 . 9},
  author={Axel Wei\ss and Dennis Downes and Roberto Neri and Fabian Walter and Christian Henkel and David J. Wilner and Jeff Wagg and Tommy Wiklind},
We report the detection of the CO 4–3, 6–5, 9–8, 10–9, and 11–10 lines in the Broad Absorption Line quasar APM08279+5255 at z = 3.9 using the IRAM 30m telescope. We also present IRAM PdBI high spatial resolution observations of the CO 4–3 and 9–8 lines, and of the 1.4 mm dust radiation as well as an improved spectrum of the HCN(5–4) line. Unlike CO in other QSO host galaxies, the CO line SED of APM08279+5255 rises up to the CO(10–9) transition. The line fluxes in the CO ladder and the dust… CONTINUE READING