Highly efficient electrocaloric cooling with electrostatic actuation.


Solid-state refrigeration offers potential advantages over traditional cooling systems, but few devices offer high specific cooling power with a high coefficient of performance (COP) and the ability to be applied directly to surfaces. We developed a cooling device with a high intrinsic thermodynamic efficiency using a flexible electrocaloric (EC) polymer… (More)
DOI: 10.1126/science.aan5980


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@article{Ma2017HighlyEE, title={Highly efficient electrocaloric cooling with electrostatic actuation.}, author={Rujun Ma and Ziyang Zhang and Kwing Tong and David Huber and Roy Kornbluh and Yongho Sungtaek Ju and Qibing Pei}, journal={Science}, year={2017}, volume={357 6356}, pages={1130-1134} }