Highly differentiated teratoma and fetus-in-fetu: a single pathology?


A case of sacrococcygeal teratoma is presented with characteristics of fetus-in-fetu. This pseudo-fetus presented a rudimentary single cavity heart, which beat at a different rate to that of the affected infant. X-ray examination showed no spinal column. This case confirms that fetus in fetu can be a remarkably complex, well-differentiated, highly organized teratoma.


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@article{Lagausie1997HighlyDT, title={Highly differentiated teratoma and fetus-in-fetu: a single pathology?}, author={Pascal de Lagausie and S de Napoli Cocci and Noelle Stempfle and Quang Doan Truong and Edith Vuillard and L. Ferkadji and Yves Aigrain}, journal={Journal of pediatric surgery}, year={1997}, volume={32 1}, pages={115-6} }