Highly diastereoselective addition of allyltitanocenes to ketones.

  title={Highly diastereoselective addition of allyltitanocenes to ketones.},
  author={Yasutaka Yatsumonji and Takuya Nishimura and Akira Tsubouchi and Keiichi Noguchi and Takeshi. Takeda},
  volume={15 11},
A route with less congestion: A practical method for the highly diastereoselective preparation of anti tertiary homoallylic alcohols has been developed. The reaction of allyltitanocenes, generated by the reductive titanation of various allylic substrates with a titanocene(II) species, with a variety of ketones produced the anti tertiary homoallylic alcohols in good diastereoselectivity, even when using sterically less congested ketones (see scheme; Cp: cyclopentadienyl; Piv: pivaloyl).The… CONTINUE READING