Highly condensed potato pericentromeric heterochromatin contains rDNA-related tandem repeats.

  title={Highly condensed potato pericentromeric heterochromatin contains rDNA-related tandem repeats.},
  author={Robert M Stupar and Junqi Song and Ahmet L. Tek and Zhukuan Cheng and Fenggao Dong and Jiming Jiang},
  volume={162 3},
The heterochromatin in eukaryotic genomes represents gene-poor regions and contains highly repetitive DNA sequences. The origin and evolution of DNA sequences in the heterochromatic regions are poorly understood. Here we report a unique class of pericentromeric heterochromatin consisting of DNA sequences highly homologous to the intergenic spacer (IGS) of the 18S.25S ribosomal RNA genes in potato. A 5.9-kb tandem repeat, named 2D8, was isolated from a diploid potato species Solanum… CONTINUE READING
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