Highly brominated biphenylenes as precursors for the convenient synthesis of 5,6,8,10-tetrabromobenzocyclooctene

  title={Highly brominated biphenylenes as precursors for the convenient synthesis of 5,6,8,10-tetrabromobenzocyclooctene},
  author={Ahmet Tutar and Osman Çakmak and Mehmet Karakaş and Adem Onal and Semra Ĭde},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Research},
  pages={545 - 549}
An efficient synthesis is described of hexabromides 5 and 6 by photobromination of biphenylene (1). Double dehydrobromination of hexabromides 5 and 6 with t-BuOK affords 5,6,8,10-tetrabromobenzocyclooctene (7) in nearly quantitative yield. The tetrabromide 7 is a valuable precursor for the preparation of functionalised substituted benzocyclooctenes (benzo[8]annulenes). 
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