Highly active and enhanced photocatalytic silicon nanowire arrays.

  title={Highly active and enhanced photocatalytic silicon nanowire arrays.},
  author={Feng-Yun Wang and Qing-Dan Yang and Gang Xu and Ngai-Yu Lei and Yuk Kai Tiu Tsang and Ning-Bew Wong and Johnny C. Ho},
  volume={3 8},
Nanoporous and nonporous three-dimensional silicon nanowire arrays (SiNWAs) prepared with metal-assisted chemical etching method were investigated as photocatalysts in dye photodegradation systematically. In comparison with nonporous SiNWAs, nanoporous SiNWAs have higher surface area, larger pore volume, stronger light absorption and better photocatalytic activity. After the HF-treatment, the photocatalytic activity of all kinds of SiNWAs increased significantly and the nanoporous SiNWAs showed… CONTINUE READING


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