Highly accurate product-level aging monitoring in 40nm CMOS

  title={Highly accurate product-level aging monitoring in 40nm CMOS},
  author={Karl Hofmann and Hans Reisinger and Karsten Ermisch and Christian Schlunder and Wolfgang Gustin and Thomas Pompl and Georg Georgakos and Klaus von Arnim and J. Hatsch and T. Kodytek and Thomas Baumann and Christian Pacha},
  journal={2010 Symposium on VLSI Technology},
A product-level aging monitor replicating a 40nm CMOS ARM1176 critical path is presented. The monitor enables a separation of the dominating negative bias instability (NBTI) stress, including speed recovery, and the switching-activity dependent hot carrier stress (HCS). The comprehensive analysis comprises transistor and circuit level measurements as well as simulations. The monitor results demonstrate that the overall circuit performance degradation, even at high frequencies and large… CONTINUE READING
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