Highly Efficient Optical Add-Drop Filter With an Angle-Polished Fiber Coupler

  title={Highly Efficient Optical Add-Drop Filter With an Angle-Polished Fiber Coupler},
  author={Royce Dong and Zheng Fan and Jie Liao and Abraham J. Qavi and Guilu Long and Lan Yang},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
Microbubble whispering-gallery resonators have shown great promise in fiber-optic communications because of their low confinement loss and hollow cores, which allow for facile stress-based tunability. Usually, the transmission spectrum of taper-coupled microbubbles contains closely spaced modes due to the relatively large radii and oblate geometry of microbubbles. In this letter, we develop an optical add-drop filter using a microbubble coupled to fiber taper and angle-polished fiber waveguides… 

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