Highly Diastereoselective Synthesis of Polycyclic Indolines through Formal [4+2] Propargylic Cycloaddition of Indoles with Ethynyl Benzoxazinanones.

  title={Highly Diastereoselective Synthesis of Polycyclic Indolines through Formal [4+2] Propargylic Cycloaddition of Indoles with Ethynyl Benzoxazinanones.},
  author={W. L. Shao and Qing‐Feng Xu‐Xu and Shu‐Li You},
  journal={Chemistry, an Asian journal},
A formal [4+2] propargylic annulation of indoles and pyrrole with ethynyl benzoxazinanones was described. This protocol provides a concise synthesis of tetrahydro-5 H -indolo[2,3- b ]quinolines and tetrahydro-3 H -pyrrolo[3,2- b ]quinoline, the core structures of alkaloid frameworks, featuring excellent yields, high diastereoselectivity, mild conditions and wide substrate scope. 
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