Highly Anisotropic, Highly Transparent Wood Composites.


For the first time, two types of highly anisotropic, highly transparent wood composites are demonstrated by taking advantage of the macro-structures in original wood. These wood composites are highly transparent with a total transmittance up to 90% but exhibit dramatically different optical and mechanical properties.

DOI: 10.1002/adma.201604084
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@article{Zhu2016HighlyAH, title={Highly Anisotropic, Highly Transparent Wood Composites.}, author={Mingwei Zhu and Jianwei Song and Tian Li and Amy S. Gong and Yanbin Wang and Jiaqi Dai and Yonggang Yao and Wei Luo and D. Henderson and Liangbing Hu}, journal={Advanced materials}, year={2016}, volume={28 35}, pages={7563} }