Highly‐efficient superstrate Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cell fabricated low‐cost methods

  title={Highly‐efficient superstrate Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cell fabricated low‐cost methods},
  author={M. Berruet and Yesica Di Iorio and Carlos J Pereyra and Ricardo E. Marotti and Marcela Vazquez},
A recent accomplishment in the preparation of a highly efficient thin film solar cell is reported. This superstrate cell is composed of FTO/TiO2/In2S3/Cu2ZnSnS4/graphite. A maximum conversion efficiency of 3.5% has been achieved for the first time using this configuration and materials. The device includes low cost methods and non-toxic components. Details of the experimental procedures are provided and the device characterization data are presented and analyzed. Left: Current–voltage… CONTINUE READING