Highlights from the history of hormonal cytology

  title={Highlights from the history of hormonal cytology},
  author={Aristidis Diamantis and George Androutsos},
In 1847 Felix-Archimede Pouchet effectively launched the study of the physiology of cytology. Now 160 years later, the authors briefly trace the development of hormonal cytology to our present knowledge and practice. In the course of the paper the contribution of George Papanicolaou is stressed because of his monumental contribution to a major segment of medical practice of great emotive import. 
Pioneers of exfoliative cytology in the 19th century: the predecessors of George Papanicolaou
The purpose of the study was to summarize the knowledge on exfoliative cytology during the 19th century and to track down Papanicolaou's predecessors and to review the available literature in PubMed. Expand
Contribution of Hormonal Cytology in Girls and Adolescents to Reproductive Health: A Traditional Technique Monitoring Recent Problems
Hormonal cytology is a non-invasive and economical method, illustrating the direct effect of steroid on target cells and contributes to reproductive health support by indicating the possible need and type of steroid therapy and monitoring the normalization of cycle disturbances. Expand
Estrogen Receptor-Alpha (ESR1) Governs the Lower Female Reproductive Tract Vulnerability to Candida albicans
Investigating the neutrophil transepithelial migration (TEM) into the vaginal lumen revealed that estradiol reduces the CD44 and CD47 epithelial expression in the vaginal ectocervix and fornix, which retain neutrophils at the apical epithelium through the est radiol receptor-alpha. Expand


The diagnosis of early human pregnancy by the vaginal smear method
Pregnancy as well as different pathological conditions of the ovaries and the genital tract might be diagnosed more or less accurately by such smears, according to a variety of criteria upon which a diagnosis of certain conditions may be based. Expand
Discoverer of the “Pap Test
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Dr. Papanicolaou and the Pap smear.
Founders of Clinical Cytology
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Hormonal cytology.
The menopause.