Higher spin cosmology

  title={Higher spin cosmology},
  author={C Krishnan and Avinash Raju and Shubho R. Roy and Somyadip Thakur},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We construct cosmological solutions of higher spin gravity in 2 + 1 dimensional de Sitter space. We show that a consistent thermodynamics can be obtained for their horizons by demanding appropriate holonomy conditions. This is equivalent to demanding the integrability of the Euclidean boundary conformal field theory partition function, and it reduces to Gibbons-Hawking thermodynamics in the spin-2 case. By using the prescription of Maldacena, we relate the thermodynamics of these solutions to… 

Higher spin de Sitter quantum gravity

A bstractWe consider Einstein gravity with positive cosmological constant coupled with higher spin interactions and calculate Euclidean path integral perturbatively. We confine ourselves to the

3D gravity, Chern–Simons and higher spins: A mini introduction

We give a review on (a) elements of (2+1)-dimensional gravity, (b) some aspects of its relation to Chern–Simons theory, (c) its generalization to couple higher spins, and (d) cosmic singularity

Higher spin extension of cosmological spacetimes in 3D: asymptotically flat behaviour with chemical potentials and thermodynamics

A bstractA generalized set of asymptotic conditions for higher spin gravity without cosmological constant in three spacetime dimensions is constructed. They include the most general temporal

Chiral higher spin gravity

We construct a candidate for the most general chiral higher spin theory with AdS$_3$ boundary conditions. In the Chern-Simons language, on the left it has the Drinfeld-Sokolov reduced form, but on

Flat space (higher spin) gravity with chemical potentials

A bstractWe introduce flat space spin-3 gravity in the presence of chemical potentials and discuss some applications to flat space cosmology solutions, their entropy, free energy and flat space

Higher-Spins Without (Anti-)de Sitter

Can the holographic principle be extended beyond the well known AdS/CFT correspondence? During the last couple of years there has been a substantial amount of research trying to find answers for this

Aspects of Higher Spin Theories, Conformal Field Theories and Holography

This dissertation consists of three parts. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the study of gravity and higher spin gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions. The first part deals with cosmological

On resolutions of cosmological singularities in higher-spin gravity

We study the resolution of certain cosmological singularity in the context of higher-spin three-dimensional gravity. We consider gravity coupled to a spin-3 field realized as Chern–Simons theory with

Higher Spin Resolution of a Toy Big Bang

Diffeomorphisms preserve spacetime singularities, whereas higher spin symmetries need not. Since three-dimensional de Sitter space has quotients that have big-bang/big-crunch singularities and since

Higher spin black holes with soft hair

A bstractWe construct a new set of boundary conditions for higher spin gravity, inspired by a recent “soft Heisenberg hair”-proposal for General Relativity on three-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space.



Higher spin black holes

We study classical solutions of three dimensional higher spin gravity in the Chern-Simons formulation. We find solutions that generalize the BTZ black hole and carry spin-3 charge. The black hole

Higher Spin Gauge Theories: Star-Product and AdS Space

We review the theory of higher spin gauge fields in 2+1 and 3+1 dimensional anti-de Sitter space and present some new results on the structure of higher spin currents and explicit solutions of the

The action for higher spin black holes in three dimensions

A bstractIn the context of (2+1)-dimensional Chern-Simons SL(N,$ \mathbb{R} $) × SL(N,$ \mathbb{R} $) gauge fields and spin N black holes we compute the on-shell action and show that it generates

Nonlinear W∞ as asymptotic symmetry of three-dimensional higher spin AdS gravity

We investigate the asymptotic symmetry algebra of (2+1)-dimensional higher spin, anti-de Sitter gravity. We use the formulation of the theory as a Chern-Simons gauge theory based on the higher spin

An entropy formula for higher spin black holes via conical singularities

A bstractWe consider the entropy of higher spin black holes in 2+1 dimensions using the conical singularity approach. By introducing a conical singularity along a non contractible cycle and carefully

Inflation and the dS/CFT Correspondence

It is speculated that the observed universe has a dual representation as renormalization group flow between two conformal fixed points of a three-dimensional euclidean field theory. The infrared

Holographic renormalisation for the spin-3 theory and the (A)dS3/CFT2 correspondence

A bstractWe compute the two-point correlation functions for the spin-3 theory in three dimensional (Anti-) de Sitter spacetimes by using holographic renormalisation. For the AdS case, we find results

The wave function of quantum de Sitter

A bstractWe consider quantum general relativity in three dimensions with a positive cosmological constant. The Hartle-Hawking wave function is computed as a function of metric data at asymptotic