Higher spin 3-point functions in 3d CFT using spinor-helicity variables

  title={Higher spin 3-point functions in 3d CFT using spinor-helicity variables},
  author={Sachin Jain and Renjan Rajan John and Abhishek Mehta and Amin A. Nizami and Adithya Suresh},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract In this paper we use the spinor-helicity formalism to calculate 3-point functions involving scalar operators and spin-s conserved currents in general 3d CFTs. In spinor-helicity variables we notice that the parity-even and the parity-odd parts of a correlator are related. Upon converting spinor-helicity answers to momentum space, we show that correlators involving spin-s currents can be expressed in terms of some simple conformally invariant conserved structures. This in particular… Expand
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