Higher serotonin 1A binding in a second major depression cohort: modeling and reference region considerations.

  title={Higher serotonin 1A binding in a second major depression cohort: modeling and reference region considerations.},
  author={Ramin V. Parsey and R. Todd Ogden and Jeffrey M Miller and Adrienne Tin and Natalie Hesselgrave and Ellen Goldstein and Arthur Mikhno and Matthew M Milak and Francesca Zanderigo and Gregory M. Sullivan and Maria A. Oquendo and J. John Mann},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={68 2},
BACKGROUND Serotonin 1A receptors (5-HT(1A)) are implicated in major depressive disorder (MDD). We previously reported higher 5-HT(1A) binding potential (BP(F)) in antidepressant naive MDD subjects compared with control subjects, while other studies report lower BP(ND). Discrepancies can be related to differences in study population or methodology. We sought to replicate our findings in a novel cohort and determine whether choice of reference region and outcome measure could explain… CONTINUE READING
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