Higher-order defect-mode laser in an optically thick photonic crystal slab.

  title={Higher-order defect-mode laser in an optically thick photonic crystal slab.},
  author={Se-Heon Kim and Jingqing Huang and Axel Scherer},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={38 2},
The use of an optically thick slab may provide versatile solutions for the realization of a current injection-type laser using photonic crystals. Here, we show that a transversely higher-order defect mode can be designed to be confined by a photonic bandgap in such a thick slab. Using simulations, we show that a high Q of >10(5) is possible from a finely tuned second-order hexapole mode (2h). Experimentally, we achieve optically pumped pulsed lasing at 1347 nm from the 2h with a peak threshold… 
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  • Nat . Photon .
  • 2011