Higher-order corrections to timelike jets

  title={Higher-order corrections to timelike jets},
  author={Walter T. Giele and David A. Kosower and Peter Skands},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We present a simple formalism for the evolution of timelike jets in which tree-level matrix element corrections can be systematically incorporated, up to arbitrary parton multiplicities and over all of phase space, in a way that exponentiates the matching corrections. The scheme is cast as a shower Markov chain which generates one single unweighted event sample, that can be passed to standard hadronization models. Remaining perturbative uncertainties are estimated by providing several… 

VINCIA 1 for Hadron Colliders

We present the first public implementation of antenna-based QCD initial- and finalstate showers. The shower kernels are 2 ! 3 antenna functions, which capture not only the collinear dynamics but also

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In the era of precision physics measurements at the LHC, efficient and exhaustive estimations of theoretical uncertainties play an increasingly crucial role. In the context of Monte Carlo (MC) event

Efficient Multi-Jet Merging at High Multiplicities

This work presents an extension of the CKKW-L multi-jet merging technique to so-called sector showers as implemented in the Vincia antenna shower, and reduces the factorial scaling of the number of parton shower histories to a constant of a single history per colour-ordered final state.

VINCIA1 for Hadron Colliders

We present the first public implementation of antenna-based QCD initialand finalstate showers. The shower kernels are 2 → 3 antenna functions, which capture not only the collinear dynamics but also

Combining higher-order resummation with multiple NLO calculations and parton showers in GENEVA

A bstractWe extend the lowest-order matching of tree-level matrix elements with parton showers to give a complete description at the next higher perturbative accuracy in αs at both small and large

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We propose four simple event-shape variables for semi-inclusive e+e− → 4-jet events. The observables and cuts are designed to be especially sensitive to subleading aspects of the event structure, and

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A persistent and fascinating problem at the high energy colliders are jets. Often trying to observe physics underlying the hard interactions at colliders requires experimental cuts in phase space,



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The result of this study is a pragmatic proposal for merging Meps and Nlops events to yield much improved Menlops event samples, and applies this method to W boson and top quark pair production.

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Template Overlap Method for Massive Jets

We introduce a new class of infrared safe jet observables, which we refer to as template overlaps, designed to filter targeted highly boosted particle decays from QCD jets and other background.

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