Higher-order Gravitational Couplings and Modular Forms in N = 2; D = 4 Heterotic String Compactifications

  title={Higher-order Gravitational Couplings and Modular Forms in N = 2; D = 4 Heterotic String Compactifications},
  author={Soo-Jong and Reyd},
  • Soo-Jong, Reyd
  • Published 1996
The restrictions of target–space duality are imposed at the perturbative level on the holomorphic Wilsonian couplings that encode certain higher-order gravitational interactions in N = 2, D = 4 heterotic string compactifications. A crucial role is played by non-holomorphic corrections. The requirement of symplectic covariance and an associated symplectic anomaly equation play an important role in determining their form. For models which also admit a type-II description, this equation coincides… CONTINUE READING

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