Higher-dimensional geometries from matrix brane constructions

  title={Higher-dimensional geometries from matrix brane constructions},
  author={Pei-Ming Ho and Sanjaye Ramgoolam},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

Higher dimensional geometries related to fuzzy odd-dimensional spheres

The detailed form of the generators and relations for the matrix algebras related to the fuzzy three-spheres suggests matrix actions which admit the fuzzy spheres as solutions which are compared with the BFSS, IKKT and BMN matrix models.

Nonabelian gauge field and dual description of fuzzy sphere

In matrix models, higher dimensional D-branes are obtained by imposing a noncommutative relation to coordinates of lower dimensional D-branes. On the other hand, a dual description of this

On higher-dimensional fuzzy spherical branes

Non-Abelian BIonic Brane Intersections

withm > 2, it turns out that the matrix algebras contain more representations than is neededto describe functions on the sphere. In fact, in the classical limit (limit of large matrices),the matrix

Noncommutative geometry, quantum effects and DBI-scaling in the collapse of D0-D2 bound states

We study fluctuations of time-dependent fuzzy two-sphere solutions of the non-abelian DBI action of D0-branes, describing a bound state of a spherical D2-brane with N D0-branes. The quadratic action

On Time-Dependent Collapsing Branes and Fuzzy Odd-Dimensional Spheres

It is shown that the fuzzy-S3 and S5 provide time-dependent solutions to the matrix model of D0-branes and its DBI generalisation, and finds analytic solutions describing the time- dependent radius, in terms of Jacobi elliptic functions.



Longitudinal 5-branes as 4-spheres in Matrix theory

Matrix theory, AdS/CFT and Higgs-Coulomb equivalence

We discuss the relation between the Matrix theory definitions of a class of decoupled theories and their AdS/CFT description in terms of the corresponding near-horizon geometry. The near horizon

Non commutative gravity from the ADS/CFT correspondence

The exclusion principle of Maldacena and Strominger is seen to follow from deformed Heisenberg algebras associated with the chiral rings of SN orbifold CFTs. These deformed algebras are related to

Noncommutative gauge theory on fuzzy sphere from matrix model

Fuzzy Cosets and their Gravity Duals

Dp-branes placed in a certain external RR (p+4)-form field expand into a transverse fuzzy two-sphere, as shown by Myers. We find that by changing the (p+4)-form background other fuzzy cosets can be

Matrix string theory and the Myers effect

A new configuration of non-abelian D1-branes growing into D5-branes is found. This time the effect is triggered by a non-trivial electric field on the world-volume of the D1-branes and a constant RR

On the Polarization of Unstable D0-Branes into Non-Commutative Odd Spheres

We consider the polarization of unstable type IIB D0-branes in the presence of a background five-form field strength. This phenomenon is studied from the point of view of the leading terms in the

On brane solutions in M (atrix) theory

On spherical harmonics for fuzzy spheres in diverse dimensions