Higher derivative theories for interacting massless gravitons in Minkowski spacetime

  title={Higher derivative theories for interacting massless gravitons in Minkowski spacetime},
  author={Dong Bai and Yu-Hang Xing},
  journal={Nuclear Physics B},
Constraints on Gravitation from Causality and Quantum Consistency
We examine the role of consistency with causality and quantum mechanics in determining the properties of gravitation. We begin by examining two different classes of interacting theories of massless
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Bending of light in quantum gravity.
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Four-dimensional covariant nonlinear theories of massive gravity are constructed which are ghost-free in the decoupling limit to all orders, and the Hamiltonian constraint is maintained at least up to and including quartic order in nonlinearities, hence excluding the possibility of the Boulware-Deser ghost up to this order.
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We examine the role of consistency with causality and quantum mechanics in determining the properties of gravitation. We begin by constructing two different classes of interacting theories of
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Special gravity refers to interacting theories of massless gravitons in Minkowski space-time which are invariant under the abelian gauge invariance $h_{ab}\rightarrow h_{ab}+\partial_{(a}χ_{b)}$
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A bstractIf the kinetic interactions of a Lorentz-invariant massive graviton are Einstein-Hilbert, then the only possible potential terms free from the Boulware-Deser ghost are those of de Rham,
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