Higher String Topology on General Spaces

  title={Higher String Topology on General Spaces},
  author={Po Wen Hu and Hc and R. L. Cohen and Igor Kr{\'i}z and Sasha}
In [2], Chas and Sullivan considered the free loop space LM = M aps(S 1 , M) for a smooth orientable compact manifold M. They used geometric methods to show that H * LM has, among other things, the structure of a Batalin-Vilkovisky algebra. More precisely, C * LM has an action by the operad of chain complexes C * D 2 , where D 2 is the framed 2-dimensional little disk operad. Each element of D 2 (n) is an ordered configuration of n disjoint 2-dimensional little disks d 1 ,. .. d n inside the 2… CONTINUE READING

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