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Higher-Order Topological Instanton Tunneling Oscillation

  title={Higher-Order Topological Instanton Tunneling Oscillation},
  author={Moon Jip Park and Sunam Jeon and SungBin Lee and Hee Chul Park and Youngkuk Kim},
  journal={arXiv: Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics},
We propose a new type of instanton interference effect in two-dimensional higher-order topological insulators. The intercorner tunneling consists of the instanton and the anti-instanton pairs that travel through the boundary of the higher-order topological insulator. The Berry phase difference between the instanton pairs causes the interference of the tunneling. This topological effect leads to the gate-tunable oscillation of the energy splitting between the corner states, where the oscillatory… 

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For the detailed implementation of the higher-order topology, see supplementary and Ref

    See supplementary material for the derivation of the edge mode Hamiltonian, the symmetry descriptions, the form of the angle dependent hybridization, and the derivation of the path integral