Higher-Order Phylogenetics of Modern Aves Based On Comparative Anatomy

  title={Higher-Order Phylogenetics of Modern Aves Based On Comparative Anatomy},
  author={B. C. Livezey and R. Zusi},
  journal={Netherlands Journal of Zoology},
  • B. C. Livezey, R. Zusi
  • Published 2001
  • Biology
  • Netherlands Journal of Zoology
  • New fossils have contributed much to our knowledge of avian origins but have shed little light on higher-order relationships among modern Aves. This is because the primary focus of paleornithology, the discovery and description of new fossil taxa, has not been paralleled by the development of new anatomical characters for phylogenetic reconstructions. Despite an appreciation of morphological characters for phylogenetics, in part a result of paleontological studies, no anatomically based… CONTINUE READING
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