Higher Genus Affine Algebras of Krichever – Novikov Type

  title={Higher Genus Affine Algebras of Krichever – Novikov Type},
  author={Erwin Schr{\"o}dinger International and Martin Schlichenmaier},
  • Erwin Schrödinger International, Martin Schlichenmaier
  • Published 2002
For higher genus multi-point current algebras of Krichever-Novikov type associated to a finite-dimensional Lie algebra, local Lie algebra two-cocycles are studied. They yield as central extensions almost-graded higher genus affine Lie algebras. In case that the Lie algebra is reductive a complete classification is given. For a simple Lie algebra, like in the classical situation, there is up to equivalence and rescaling only one non-trivial almost-graded central extension. The classification is… CONTINUE READING