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Higher Education and Science: Portrait Against the Background of Global Crisis

  title={Higher Education and Science: Portrait Against the Background of Global Crisis},
  author={Ibragim Esenovich Suleimenov and Grigoriy A Mun and P. E. Grigoriev and El‐Sayed Negim and S. I. Georgievsky},
6 Abstract: This paper analyses possible scenarios for the development of a systemic crisis of the Higher Education and Science of the industrial phase of civilization, which takes place at this time. It was shown that effective measures can be taken only if you go beyond the plane of the existing "framework limitations". This paper shows that an adequate strategizing can be done only under the condition that it is fully implemented in accordance with the paradigm of post-industrial world. 

Degradation of Higher Education in Kazakhstan as an example of post-transitional crisis

It is shown, that objectives of degradation of Higher Education in most part of post-soviet countries are connected with the specific factors appeared at the economical situation appeared at the end

The problem of inhomogeneous development regions in Kazakhstan: impact on higher education

It is shown that this set of measures can be based on the concept of information logistics and ensuring the elimination of disparities in employment on key areas (in respect to students employment) can be ordered to negative trends overcoming.

Current Global Crisis as a Crisis of Civilization Meta-Projects

It is shown that the current global crisis can be considered as financial one in the first approximation only; in fact, its nature is mainly determined by the crisis of ability of society to generate


The influence of interpersonal communications inside and outside a University on effectiveness of education is investigated. It is shown, that low effectiveness of direct (traditional) education may



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